I have found some great bands straight out da’ ROK (Republic of Korea)..


I heard this Korean rap song in a Mr. Pizza on Jeju Island. Keeping in mind that Korean can be a naturally fast language, pay attention to how fast he hits syllables in this orchestral video.

The band is ‘the Black Shirts’ and that’s all I really know except that its Korean indie.

I missed out on seeing these guys in September but to be honest, I had no idea they existed until I recently went looking for a punk show in Seoul. 99ANGER is fast and should be called 100% angry. Enjoy.

Lastly, my favourite Korean band so far has been The Rocktigers! Based on the rockabilly movement happenin’ in North America,  its actually called ‘Kimchi-billy” here referencing the distinctly Korean sidedish. This video was taken by a good friend Michael J Carpenter (aka – Mick) that we both attended with Heather, Rebecca (aka – Re) and Re’s mum & sis. Great show!